Image Masking

Clipping path sometimes fail in removing the background of the image, especially when the images have very sharp edges. This is when image masking plays the key role. Masking helps for editing, manipulation, composition or elimination and placement into other images. The edges include outlines, clothing strands, hair and similar objects. Masking helps in preserving details than clipping paths and creates edges that are smoother.

Our expertise

Our team of expert graphic designers use pen tablet for images with sharp edges. They are well equipped with the technologies and experience to provide excellence in their work. Our clientele are across industry verticals that include magazines, fashion house, e-commerce websites, advertising agency, and so on.

What makes us the best ?

We work close with our clients to provide images exact to their needs. Although the process of masking is demanding, however, it is worth the effort it needs. We understand the intricacies involved, hence, we exercise utmost care while manipulating an image. Each and every image is scrutinized through a vigorous quality control process to ensure satisfaction of the clients.