Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry retouching refers to the process of bringing beauty in the images and show the enhanced beauty to capture customer's eyes. With variety of techniques and methods, experience designers achieve perfect photographs that exceed client's expectation. We provide jewelry retouching services with a commitment towards excellence.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Eliminating spots from images
  • Adjusting the poor contrasts
  • Settle down the Color combinations
  • Cutting out the images
  • Image resizing & Scaling
  • Light & color corrections
  • Improving image details & remove dullness
  • Removal of unwanted elements

How we do it ?

We outline the jewelry first and then retouch spots, blemishes and scratches. Then we adjust the color, brightness, contrast, color grading, sharpness, etc. to add beauty to the image. The background is changed to overwhelm the jewelry. We provide time-proven jewelry retouching and editing skills to enhance every minute detail of the picture to impress the clients. With a team of professionals, we maintain quality and high range of accuracy in our work. We have clients all across the globe and we have successfully fulfilled the needs of numerous organization and business. We work with commercial photos to bring a huge difference for their growing business.